Zumbini Sei – Approdi Innovativi is located a stone’s thin the Romolo area and a short bicycle ride from the Centre of Milan. Here residential services and hotel accommodation come together in a living space which meets the needs of the city on the basis of the principle that sharing resources serves to multiply and boost opportunities.

The building covers 4 500 metres. There are common areas, a co-working space with 24 work stations, a pub-restaurant, an auditorium, garden and amphitheatre, a weekly farmers’ market (on Wednesday afternoons),
Centro Famiglie & Dintorni which offers clinical, educational and pedagogical services and finally, the offices of La Cordata.

Zumbini Sei is a hotel/residence with 80 beds for medium-short term stays aimed at tourists and workers, a student residence and, in the same space, a social housing project for individuals and families experiencing temporary difficulties or a housing emergency.

There are single, double, triple and quadruple rooms, all ensuite, WiFi internet connection and room cleaning services. There is a laundry, reception to provide information on getting around Milan and the area, a parking space for bicycles and cars and left luggage storage.

In Zumbini 6 all sorts of people arrive and meet one another and live together in an open multicultural space designed for everybody.

Zumbini Sei sets aside 40 beds for individuals and families in difficulty who are receiving assistance from the Social Services. People are referred by the local welfare services and are offered a personalised package of educational services and assistance involving a team of professionals at the cooperative in order to attain full autonomy and integration. These collaborations involve Public and Private Services, Schools, Public and Private psychotherapy services, Career Guidance and Counselling services, especially the Services which are members of the Consorzio SIS (Social Enterprise System) network.

Inside Zumbini Sei there are two common areas available to guests: a living /study/reading area open to all and a Family Room where children and teenagers can play and do homework.

The services offered by La Cordata operate on three main axes: housing, autonomy and integration, which are the main levers to facilitate personal growth and blur the boundaries between fragility and so-called normality.

Zumbini Sei is a place where life you can live in a different way from a traditional residence: come inside and you become part of a community, a place for integration, experimentation and social innovation. Apart from choosing a place to live for a certain period, whether long or short, it is also a choice in favour of social responsability, supporting the solidarity project of La Cordata.

Zumbini Sei is a place of sense where we try out new approaches to welfare. A housing project with added services and personalised assistance to match the needs and resources of the individuals. It is a challenging mix of different kinds of population, designing and activating models of economics and exchange.

The building is situated in Villaggio Barona, an urban project where commercial enterprises, services for the individual, housing and cultural events work together in a common spirit of social and local development.

Download the services brochure  Carta Servizi Zumbini 6


Address Via Zumbini 6, 20143 Milano
Telephone (+39) 02 3655 660 0
Fax (+39) 02 3655 660 0

Coordinator of hotel and residence

Anna Tassoni

Coordinator of social housing


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