La Cordata, like all the initiatives which operate within it, implements forms of co-working, networking and crowdsourcing on a daily basis.


Apart from having the utmost confidence in the professionalism and creativity of its own staff, their creativity and their constant exchange of skills, La Cordata carries out its mission in the conviction that

work can become a great tool of social wellbeing, a driving force with a knock on effect on those processes of social and local development which are its focus. Each of the premises offers spaces for organising events which are available to associations, organisations and companies.

These convictions have, for example, led La Cordata to invest in the Co-working project, Work-in-Progress, which provides spaces for entrepreneurs, i.e. individuals willing to bet on their own project and the economic

and social value of entrepreneurship.
It’s a case of non-profit working for for-profit, where the businesses which are set up and operate here fall neatly into the second category but acquire a touch of ‘added’ responsibility. This means that they see their own social context from a different perspective in terms of planning and ideas and look at their own objectives through the lens of future progress as a whole. In this sense Work-in-Progress, like La Cordata, does not want to be a misfit in its area but aims to sink deep roots, drawing on it for resources and investing energy.

If you want to organise an event, take a look at the details of each of our locations, or browse our events to find fresh inspiration.