La Cordata carries out its social and educational mission with a clear objective in mind: to empower people and make them responsible for their own growth.


Many La Cordata projects aim to meet the needs of disadvantaged families or vulnerable individuals lacking an adequate network of rel...

The role played by La Cordata can vary accordingly: helping reorganize daily life, offer opportunities for discussion so that together we can rediscover untapped personal resources, and involve the people in fresh activities which allow them to enter into a new and fruitful dialogue with the area in which they live.
Education and planning go hand in hand with the aim of helping the individual attain an awareness of their place in society by means of initiatives which aim to create a sense of belonging, socialise individual needs in order to facilitate an increased cohesion among residents and support the integration of diversity.
Building alliances makes it possible to extend social responsibility to all players in the local community and produce added values, the distinguishing feature of the encounter between differences.

In all its activities, La Cordata deals first and foremost with the individual, each profoundly different from the others giv...

given that each brings their own values, resources and needs. This diversity can also find expression in the sense of vulnerability and therefore the need for assistance. But in this case too, diversity is a resource which is to be respected and valorised. And it is for this reason that La Cordata approaches disability as an existential condition that needs to be dealt with not only from the point of view of assistence: the objective of the low or high level protection housing offered by La Cordata to individuals with disability is to help them to attain autonomy and integration thanks to the constant presence of health and social workers but also and above all the direct contact with those who live next to them, shared experience, i.e. community life.

La Cordata designs metropolitan community welfare projects and policies which take shape in the macro areas of services to the individual and promotion of the local com...

. It is participative welfare which, starting with the resources, embraces the needs of the community in its various components, a community welfare for an accesible metropolis. Operating together with the associations or, more in general, with the social groups in the area, a series of platforms are constructed common to all these subjects with a view to achieving shared objectives in the positive perspective of ensuring the wellbeing and dimension of encounter for all who live in our urban areas.