The Microcommunity Approdi Homeward was set up in collaboration with the cooperative Serena to meet the needs of young adults with disability for low protection housing where they can enjoy and experience autonomy. It also serves to provide an entry into adult life where they can move away from their families and begin to live an independent life of their own.

The project is aimed specifically and exclusively at individuals with the following characteristics:

  • They must be  adults, whether men or women.
  • They have a moderate-slight psycho-cognitive disability together with a fair level of autonomy as regards taking care of themselves and their personal belongings and in relating to and enjoying the services offered in the neighbourhood. They must also have an awareness of the Project and be highly motivated to get involved.
  • They already have a day job or are in a position to start work in the short term through the network made up of the educational team, Social Services and Services for integration in the workplace.
  • They are resident in the municipaity or Province of Milan or surrounding Provinces.

The new resident takes part in a programme whereby he or she moves in in stages, gradually getting used to apartment living (to be arranged with the manger of the building).

The premises chosen to start up this project is a four room apartment(spacious kitchen, three bedrooms, living room and balcony) with an overall area of about 100 m². The apartment can accommodate up to six people. The apartment is located in a condominium in the centre of Lainate and therefore offers easy access to all local amenities.

The choice of this premises was dictated by the fact that it answers one of the main requirements of a micro-community, that it does not constitute a self-referential space cut off from the local area but is actually an integral part of the local social fabric with a view to integration and functional cohabition.

Guests are flanked by a team of professional educators, present from Monday to Friday from 4 to 9 p.m., the time when the guests are actually present in the apartments and have come home from their day job; on Saturday and Sunday, an educator is present for 8 hours, the times to be agreed with the residents, to give a hand with housework, or in the evenings to accompany them in any special activities.

An member of staff is also present during the night and a member of staff can be contacted around the clock

Address Via Manzoni 6, 20020 Lainate (MI)
Telephone  (+39) 02 9370646
Mobile (+39) 348 8884065


Michele Caimmi

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