Every Thursday: via San Vittore 49, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (MM Sant’Ambrogio and Conciliazione metro stations, BUS 50 e 58)

Every Wednesday afternoon in the garden of Via Zumbini 6 and every Thursday from 12 noon in the garden of Via San Vittore 49 – together with the committee Cittadini Solari X Milano – La Cordata holds a Craft and Farmers’ Market: quality farm produce and products from small scale artisans to boost the local economy and forge relationships in the community.

Since April 2011 in via Zumbini and April 2012 in via San Vittore, the Mercati dei Legami have met with considerable success, becoming a regular event for locals who through this encounter with the farmers are rediscovering the flavours of genuine country produce, reforging bonds in the community and relations between responsible consumers and local producers as well as discovering the creativity of craftsmen in the area.

Stalls laden with cheese and cold cuts, seasonal fruit and vegetables, high quality wine and oil, eggs, bread and pasta as well as textile creations, clothes, dresses, accessories, jewelry and soft furnishings, artisan lamps and candles, bags.. as well as produce from the Milanese prisons.

The market gardeners and farmers – all with produce of the highest quality, some with the ORGANIC and Slow Food kitemarks – only offer direct sale by the producer. Wherever possible, what is on sale is locally produced, as opposed to what you will find in any other shop or department store, and there is an exceptional improvement in flavour since they are not subjected to long distance transport or refrigeration or industrial treatment processes.

The Market always goes hand in hand with cultural initiatives designed to directly involve the people of Milan and local residents to increase and valorise the sense of place of La Cordata, places to live and do the shopping but also places to meet others, socialise, exchange. For example, every Thursday in San Vittore 49, there is a book-crossing.

In this way the garden and spaces of La Cordata increase their value as community spaces for citizens coming from different backgrounds, bringing with them a range of different flavours and know-how; they become places where even the element of commercial transaction contributes to building relationships between consumers and artisans and farmers, cancelling the distances typical of large-scale distribution.

The Market also manages to achieve the objective of reducing costs compared with traditional retail  sales, while still ensuring a reasonable profit margin for the producer and fair working conditions. Farm produce, cheeses and home made cold cuts brought to the city by the farms of the Milanese hinterland are sold at “moderate” prices. All the vendors have signed an agreement with the market organisers and La Cordata: the social enterprise makes its spaces available free of charge and the farmers have committed to a policy of low prices.

Project made possible thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.

Via Zumbini 6, 20143 Milano
Mercoledi h.15.00-18.30
MM2 Romolo – MM2 Famagosta
Autobus: 47 – 74 – 95 – 71 – 76 – 90 – 91

Via San Vittore 49, 20123 Milano
Giovedì h 10.00-18.30
MM1 Conciliazione – MM2 Sant’Ambrogio
Autobus 50 – 58 – 67 – 68 – 94
Tram 16 – 29 – 30



Michela Bellodi

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