Erin places four apartments at the disposal of mother/child single parent families who need educational support for the wellbeing of the individual and the family unit.

The Erin Project means providing Education,offering Residentiality through the possibility of living space, albeit on a temporary basis, in a protected space which is welcoming and supportive, a space where there is a chance for residents to recover and reactivate their own resources through Integration as an opportunity to encounter and relate to different people.

The Erin Project began in 2005 and designs educational projects for single parent families of mothers with 1 or 2 children referred to us by the social services.

The project aims to foster and support independence and provide guidance and support in parenting skills.

The objectives and initiatives of the Erin Project are achieved by helping women gain greater independence through a process of personal growth and emancipation. Educational projects are designed around individual experiences in order to provide support for guests in their efforts to achieve more appropriate ways of relating their own subjective experience to the overall system of social relations.

Educators are present 5 days and a total of 30 hours per week, with common sense rules (no overnight guests) and the possibility of experiencing in a safe place, individualised educational projects focusing on degrees of autonomy in the process, degrees of ownership of the home.Progetti educativi individualizzati grado di autonomia nel percorso, grado di possesso della casa.


Address Via Zumbini 6, 20143 Milano
Telephone (+39) 02 365 5662 0
Fax (+39) 02 365 5660 3


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