Casa alla Fontana is situated in the heart of the Isola district and is part of the historic complex of the church of Santa Maria alla Fontana.

It is an integrated social condominium with bedrooms, accommodation and facilities on three floors.

Casa alla Fontana is home to students and workers, young adults, adults, families, individuals with disability of various kinds and offers an innovative model of living and participative management.

In Casa alla Fontana residents live together, in their own spaces, but participate in day to day living in common spaces like the big kitchen and lovely terrace overlooking the church of Santa Maria alla Fontana.

The project which aims to provide support for the life projects of people with disability while keeping the features of a normal house, is the fruit of the combined efforts of a network of players who set up a ATS Healthcare Agency made up of Fondazione I Care, Ancora, MCF (Mondo Comunità e Famiglia), Fondazione Ideavita and La Cordata. The network was created to exploit the points of excellence of each individual organisation for the benefit of the common good of both the guests and surrounding area.

It offers each guest an opportunity, through the group, to learn to build their own autonomy, dealing with the needs of day to day living, relationships, sociality and encounter with diversity.

Student formula: Contract for students (11 months): 4730 euro pre annum


Address Piazza Santa Maria alla Fontana 11, 20159 Milano
Telephone (+39) 02 9288 645 1
Fax (+39) 02 9288 645 1

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