The home education service servizio educativo domiciliare is a service which targets minors and individuals with disability accredited with Comune di Milano, which carries out Individualised Educational Projects.

The service which is public for only Area 1 and Area 6 and private for the entire Milan area offers the highest level service to meet the needs of the population.

Educators are highly qualified and undergo continuous training to work alongside families and social workers, where present, to co-build and carry out initiatives in the area with a view to achieving set goals such as:

  • Developing personal, domestic, social and scholastic autonomy.
  • Depending on the case, to provide support during stages of development.
  • Relational support.
  • Parenting support.
  • Exploration of the surrounding area.
  • Finding and accessing community resources.

Over the years the service has been in operation what has proven to be the lynchpin of home educational support is building a significant relationship with others, in order to create “fertile ground” in which to grow on every level: emotionally, cognitively, and in relational and social terms.

The work of the educator ends and can be deemed complete when checks show that the minor or person in general has reached the preset objectives and attained full autonomy.

Fees for private intervention start at 24 euro per hour (+VAT).


Address Via Zumbini 6, 20143 Milano
Telephone (+39) 02 3655 660 0
Fax (+39) 02 3655 660 0


Laura Penati

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