Approdi is a project that lets adults with mild-medium disability live in an independent context, in their own home, with the support of educators for just a few hours per day. l’arco della giornata.

The main objective is to empower them to take charge of their life path and emancipation with a view to living together and participating actively in social life and the surrounding neighbourhood.

At present there are three apartments situated in the centre of Lainate, rented out to private parties and with the possibility of increasing the number as required. Each apartment can host up to two people who, before moving in, undertake a programme of training and assessment of their real autonomy at the Comunità Socio Sanitaria of Lainate.

The team of educators is present in the apartments in the evening, offering support in management of household chores and utilisation of the services available in the neighbourhood as well as keeping an eye on internal and external relationships in the group of guests.

Admission is subject to referral by the local health services or direct request by the person concerned or their family. Basic requirements include being of adult age, a mild-medium level of disability together with a reasonable level of autonomy with regard to taking care of themselves and their belongings and in ability to relate to and avail of services in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Address Via Rimembrqanze 58, 20020 Lainate (MI)
Telephone  (+39) 02 9370646

Mobile (+39) 3458193773


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