Agenzia dell’Abitare is located in Pero and is a La Cordata service set up to facilitate online access to housing resources and monitor and match supply and demand on the housing market.

Agenzia dell’Abitare is an outreach service to provide information and guidance on the procedures and regulations governing the rental and buying and selling of property, access to public and social housing at at fixed rent or rent control rates, temporary accommodation, housing managed by cooperatives or social services, and the procedures and rules regulating shared housing (hours, condominium rules, etc.), financial administration of housing (how to pay taxes, utility bills, etc.) and social assistance when renting or buying.

Agenzia dell’Abitare is not only intended for those citizens who need information and guidance in their search for a home but also for owners who want to rent out their properties and can guarantee proper management and maintenance and set up an arrears guarantee fund.

Agenzia dell’Abitare is a service currently aimed at the citizens of Pero and in future years will be extended to the other municipalities of the Rho area.

The service is free of charge. All residents of Pero can access it.


Sito Web

Address via Dei Cornaggia, 33 Rho (MI)
Telephone (+39) 377 1771405 – 377 1771423


Libero Albrizio

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