It takes more than four walls and a roof before you can call it home. Home is a complex word and for La Cordata it basically means our own model of social housing. Students say that they feel like they are living in one big house, hotel or hostel guests say they “feel at home”. In fact, living is what La Cordata is all about: not just the physical dimension of housing as much as what resides inside a home.
La Cordata offers temporary or medium-long term housing solutions, high quality and competitive prices. But what sets us apart is that the housing offered by La Cordata has connotations of sense since the living spaces are also spaces for relationships, encounters and integration.
Living is understood here as a set of dimensions, a home that must be welcoming, well cared for, lived in. Living is also people relating to other people, the neighbours and neighbourhood as well as the operators, Living is moments of conviviality, mutual support and cultural events. And there is the economic aspect of living which involves equilibrium, accessibility, participation and responsibility.
All these elements contribute to creating a living space of sense which is what distinguishes all La Cordata Social Housing projects. Participative housing, residences, apartments which aim to support and develop processes of belonging, identity, relations, participation and empowerment while at the same time broadening the perspective of the residential space to those dimensions which mean housing in the true sense of living space.


Co-housing is understood by La Cordata as the sharing of a living project with both the other people who live in the place as well as with the surrounding area and the context within which it is located. Inside these co-housing projects activities and events are organised which are open to citizens, green projects like the allotment vegetable gardens or events to bring people together and further social cohesion.soc..

What distinguishes these initiatives is the presence of different populations: temporary guests, vulnerable elements and participative families. The participative families play an important role in this mix, a bonding agent and activator of responsible processes within the living space, they bring competences and pro-active organizational resources. The objective inside the living spaces of sense is to support and develop processes of belonging, identity, relations, participation and empowerment and broaden the perspective of the residential space to those dimensions which mean housing in the true sense of living space.

There are about 30 apartments in all, for the most part owned by the local authorities, but also belonging to public bodies or privately owned in Milan and the hinterland.
The social housing service provides a solution in cases of housing emergency for those who have difficulty in accessing the private market but do not have the necessary prerequisites for local authority housing

, as well responsible and participative housing along the lines of the co-housing model. Residents are single individuals or family groups belonging to the medium vulnerable section of the population such as single parent families, workers without job security, students, young adults and young couples. Users may be referred by the social services or access the service freely.
Guest sign a service contract for a variable duration (on average between 1 and 3 years) which includes the social pact and the project which aims to achieve housing autonomy drawn up together with the group of residents. The team of operators involved in social housing comes from a wide range of backgrounds and includes a range of competences connected with education, social services, urban and local planning and regulatory standards for building management and maintenance.

The apartments and services for emergency housing target the most vulnerable section of the population such as those who have lost their home, been evicted, or are on a list for local authority housing and have no other housing options.

The duration of stay of the family group in the apartments desgnated for emergency housing is generally very short, between one and three months. Users are referred to the pertinent social services. As well as Property and Falicity management, La Cordata offers social and housing services and, where necessary, educational services, providing assistance so that families can get out of the emergency situation.

Orientation in the sense of services to provide people with assistance and guidance when choosing rental accommodation.