Abitare in Rete is a service which offers low cost housing solutions.

These are generally public housing rentals as well as properties which are owned by public bodies or privately owned in Milan or the immediate hinterland which La Cordata manages with a view to offering different housing solutions to meet a range of requirements and different periods of residence from a few months up to three years.

The term “Rete” or “Network” refers to a systems of services present in the geographical area which La Cordata avails of in order to meet requirements which often go beyond the theme of housing to include  support services regarding work, education, psychological wellbeing and integration.

In this sense our main focus is on activating relationships between the residents and the context, optimising resources and meeting the needs of each and every guest.

Apart from Property and Facility Management La Cordata can, on request, also provide social services and guidance for job seekers and house hunters, building relationships with the territory and the people who live there.

Comments from our guests:

“After the separation from my wife I lived in a garage for several months, an entire winter, meeting up with my daughters at the supermarket or wherever I could, but now I can have them stay over in my house and I feel like a real Dad again.”.
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