• Anna Tassoni

    In charge of accommodation services, she plans and implements temporary solutions for a variety of guests, not only tourists, with an emphasis on value for money. She manages and designs accessible living spaces with the right balance between privacy and common areas, encouraging positive relationships among guests and between guests and the city. The guests […]

    Role: Responsabile Area Ricettiva e co-coordinatrice Zumbini 6


  • Valeria Inguaggiato

    She is the person responsible in La cordata for research, planning and fundraising for the Social Housing projects. She is the main contact for Agenzia dell’Abitare in the Rho area, an outreach information point for landlords and tenants. On the team managing the co-housing proect Residence Brodolini 24 in Cinisello Balsamo, she is in charge […]

    Ruolo: Progettista e ricercatrice


  • Silvia Bartellini

    Vice-President of La Cordata since 2009, since 2014 she has been a Director and is now President, promoting social cohesion projects online with major players in the fields of culture, business and associations in Milan. An educator by profession, she worked for 10 years in services for minors and adolescents. Since 2003 she has been […]

    Ruolo: Presidente


  • Roberto Canova

    Coordinator of the hostel Ostello di Via Burigozzo 11 and Residence Brodolini 24, he sets and oversees the accommodation quality standards and takes care of customer relations. In the hostel the guest is more than just a number and finds not only a warm welcome and a pleasant stay but also a team which is […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatore Ostello Burigozzo 11 e Residence Brodolini 24


  • Renato La Torre

    Administration Manager, he keeps an eye on the cash flow and general economic management of the cooperative as a whole as well as each individual cost centre, deals with all the administration deadlines for staff, suppliers and banks. Renato La Torre is a member of the Board of Directors. Economic and financial snapshots give a […]

    Ruolo: Responsabile Amministrativo


  • Paola Tierri

    Communications Manager, she also acts as a consultant for social innovation. She deals with the press office, web and social network communications, liases with the media and plans events for the cooperative. She also deals with 2.0 and social business planning.  With a degree in Political and Social Communications she went on to get a […]

    Ruolo: Responsabile Comunicazione



  • Paola Pagano

    Co-cordinator of the Zumbini 6 project, dealing with the social aspect, as well as coordinator of the Erin project. She oversees all the administration and organisation and referral of clients to the Zumbini services in order to ensure that effective actions which optimise resources and manage the limitations of the individual in order to maximise […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatrice Erin e co-cordinatrice Zumbini 6


  • Michele Caimmi

    Coordinator of Approdi, the social housing service for individuals with disability in Lainate. He helps guests to develop autonomy and integrate in the community and workplace, working together to raise awareness of the contribution of the individual and his or her integration as a fully active and autonomous participant in social life. He strives to […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatore Approdi


  • Michela Bellodi

    Responsible for community networking: she helps build networks in the area and organises initiatives which incentivate aggregration and social cohesion with a particular focus on useful social activities which develop a sense of belonging while reducing living costs. She is, for example, in charge of the organisation of farmers’ and craft markets as well as […]

    Ruolo: Community Networker


  • Libero Albrizio

    Responsible for services for the disabled, he takes care of the wellbeing of guests and their families, designing and managing public services to meet criteria of quality and social utility. He is responsible for individual autonomy projects with a view to strengthening life skills. He is also a member of the Board and in charge […]

    Ruolo: Responsabile Area Disabili


  • Laura Penati

    Coordinator of the Zumbini 6 integrated residence and home education projects. She is in charge of educational relations and the social exchange between the guests of the integrated residence and users of the social educational services (students and minors) with a view to eliminating isolation and overcoming social disadvantage. An Educational Science graduate with a […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatrice pensionato Zumbini 6


  • Giuseppe Bellanca

    Coordinator of Casa alla Fontana, he is responsible for administration and organisation, welcoming guests and helping them settle in. He is in charge of the autonomy projects for each of the disabled residents as well as the integration processes for all the guests. He is a member of the Board of Directors of La Cordata. […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatore Casa alla Fontana


  • Davide Curioni

    Facility&Energy Manager of the cooperative. Graduating from scientific high school in 1995 he enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering for the Environment and Territory and then moved on to Construction Engineering in 2001. Part of the La Cordata team since 2001, he began working in the hostel then the Residence in via Zumbini, first as […]

    Ruolo: Facility&Energy Manager


  • Claudio Bossi

    In Cordata dal 1991 in qualità di direttore prima, successivamente di Amministratore Delegato e infine di Presidente per diversi anni. Attualmente Presidente del Consorzio Sistema Imprese Sociali di cui La Cordata è tra i fondatori e vice-presidente de La Cordata. La sua attività professionale si è concentrata su tre assi prevalenti: le politiche e i […]

    Ruolo: Vice-Presidente


  • Caterina Bossi

    Coordinator of the Residence San Vittore 49, she guarantees a high standard of accommodation and the wellbeing of guests. She places particular emphasis on relationships and has excellent communication skills and knowledge of the logistics involved which enable her to coordinate office spaces and meeting halls for events, seminars and courses. On graduating in education […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatrice Residence San Vittore 49


  • Carla Caravella

    Coordinator of Saltatempo, the project for unaccompanied foreign minors. Since graduation she has focused on youth and integration policy and has gained wide experience in these fields in terms of planning, coordinating services, and designing and holding workshops. She is a member of the Board of Directors. In addition she has also had considerable experience […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatrice Saltatempo


  • Annamaria Migliore

    Coordinator of the clinic Centro Famiglie&Dintorni. A graduate in philosophy and clinical psychology, she did her specialised training with SGAI – the Italian Group Therapy Society Società Gruppo analitica Italiana and Crinali in Clinica Transculturale. She manages the clinic for individual and family therapy, carries out social research, and organises youth education and prevention projects. […]

    Ruolo: Coordinatrice Centro Famiglie & Dintorni


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