The territory of the city, its districts and hinterland, these are the spaces where La Cordata manifests and declares its model of social change and innovation. For La Cordata, social innovation means looking at the territory and local communities and sparking processes of change. Processes which are needed since society itself is in a state of constant evolution.

The approach adopted by La Cordata brings together the most diverse players and interests, remixing the ingredients and offering surprising fresh perspectives. Our special status as a social operator while still maintaining our entrepreneurial dimension allows us to dare to go beyond what is traditionally done, venture into unexplored territory not normally of interest to social enterprise, positioning our social activities in contexts which would be traditionally viewed as alien.

La Cordata operates in the awareness that the territory can be and must become the primary place for the production of wellbeing for those who inhabit it. This comes with the the conviction that processes of integration and cohesion do not occur naturally but need to be governed, stimulated and regulated.

The dividing line between ease and unease is ever more mobile and precariety is a problem which concerns and ever wider spectrum of citizens. The disintegration of the social fabric means that the nodes in the network which until recently provided protection and support (family, friends, neighbourhood, workplace, etc.) today no longer manage to provide the social cohesion and protection which was once their role. It is for this very reason that it is so necessary now to identify and construct places of synthesis in the territory.

In this sense, Zumbini Sei, Residence san Vittore 49, Casa alla Fontana were founded and developed as part of the services for accommodation, caretaking, education and guidance, and the promotion of integrated social and cultural events.

Thanks to these qualities, they constitute major points of reference in the territory and, thanks to the network of relationships between individuals, restore identity to the areas where they are located.