La Cordata has made a deliberate choice to be a real enterprise – as well as a cooperative in the Tertiary Sector – because we want to underline our capacity to work independently, to invest and take on risk, focusing on research and professionalism, ensuring that we operate in terms of solidarity and economic sustainability.

We combine this with a policy of the greatest responsibility towards our workers. And all of these are themes which are not always associated with the world of cooperatives or the notion of social enterprise.

The experience of La Cordata, so complex and meaningful, is at the frontier of social cooperation. It constitutes a model of entrepreneurial and social innovation to which many look with interest. La Cordata does indeed implement a model of enterprise, but it is a peculiar enterprise where profit is not the sole and single purpose but an indicator of the success of our work.

Enterprise is social because, in reality, it serves a public function: the ultimate aim of La Cordata is therefore to utilise the instruments and raison d’être of enterprise to further the good of the local community. In this way we do not limit ourselves to mere enterprise nor to mere technique which alone cannot satisfy the need for sense which is linked to the creation of meanings in the relaton and encounter with the other.

La Cordata believes strongly that we have a role which is not limited to subordination to what the ‘public’ chooses or, at times, is forced to demand where the needs of citizens are concerned. For this reason, over the years we have differentiated the focus of our projects while still keeping on course towards ‘housing market’ in the broadest sense of the term.

An active, positive and profitable management which is of necessity professional: all because economic sustainibility, harmonious cohabitation, development of the area and satisfactory relations do not come about by sheer chance but require an organised guide.

Enterprise is therefore seen in the more creative, positive and proactive sense of the word: enterprise is that project which is pursued with enthusiasm and professionalism, the creative flair by means of which we analyse the area, comprehend its needs and find an effective and innovative solution. For La Cordata, enterprise is not only the creation of profit but also the creation of values: values which put down roots in the area and in society as a whole, triggering a virtuous circle which drives development and wellbeing.

Enterprise is ‘innovative’ by definition and flourishes through the sharing of enthusiasm and competences, needs, objectives and solutions.

Operating in the social sector must create and involve sense, meaning an affective investment of the human being, who comes along with his or her own story.