Case Saltatempo accommodation is in Milan, consisting of several apartments in different districts of the city and houses teens from 16 to 18 years of age who have experience of migration and abandonment.

The Case Saltatempo housing model first took off in 2008. Case Saltatempo is a social and educational service offered by La Cordata in collaboration with the municipal authority Comune di Milano.

Case Saltatempo is a decentralised housing model and is composed of a number of different apartments in different districts of the city each of which houses from 4 to 6 teens. The apartments are designed so as to guarantee individual space as well as shared communal spaces. They are situated in normal apartment buildings in areas which are well served by public amenities. This makes them similar to a a real home as opposed to sheltered housing. All the Case Saltatempo have easy access to public transport.

The objective of our initiative is to prepare them for adult life. Each adolescent takes their first steps towards independence and integration together with the other guests and the multi-disciplinary multi-professional team.

Case Saltatempo are places to grow, meet others, develop their own skills and competences, learn to cope with the demands of daily life, finding work, integrating into the local community which offer places to meet and spend time together.

The house is open to the neighbourhood, Italian and foreign volunteers, and a cross-impollination of values, cultures and interests.
Our kids are looking for people with whom they can identify, role models who show them possible ways toward integration.

Case Saltatempo are social educational facilities which aim to:

  • assist the individual in his or her psycho-emotional growth;
  • ensure developement of personal independence through the collective management of the living space;
  • facilitate the social integration of minors through projects focusing on independent living and working;
  • provide opportunities for foreign and Italian minors to meet one another and encourage personal and cultural integration.

Progetto Saltatempo facilitates relating and socialisation through a series of free time activities. Down times during the week or day are used by our staff to encourage self-expression, socialisation, and manual and planning skills.
Another important opportunity is provided during the summer and winter holidays, a time to have fun but also an opportunity for personal growth.


Mobile Manager: 348.888.2970
Mobile Team: 348.888.33.73


Carla Caravella