The challenge is to transfor a non-place like the buildings which are part of a hotel chain into a place with a soul, an identity, somewhere that guests can to some extent identify with. The hospitality accommodation of La Cordata is siutated in residential structures designed for short, medium and long term stays. Places where the guests, who arrive with their requirements and opportunities, find a warm, welcoming environment which helps them interact among themselves and connects them, guides and leads them out into the surrounding area and the special attractions Milan has to offer.
The commitment of the hospitality sector of La Cordata is to provide the public with a wide range of accommodation options in the immediate area which not only satisfies the need for temporary housing of a certain standard but also maintains the unique added value which comes from the experience of La Cordata in the social sector: the feeling, the sense of relating and encounter through a temporary housing situation based on the values of hospitality, personal relations and integration.


The model of accommodation offered by La Cordata focuses first and foremost on the need for living space of the guests but also provides them with assistance in discovering and exploring city life.


It takes more than four walls and a roof to make a home. Housing is a complex word and for La Cordata basically means our own model of social housing.


In all of its activities, La Cordata focuses first and foremost on individuals, each profoundly different from the others, with their own values, resources and requirements